Bagalamukhi Mantram

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Om hlreem bagalamukhi sarvadustanaam vacham mukham stambhaya jihvaam keelaya keelaya budheem vinashaya hlreem om swaha!

For those who wish to aid in their resistance to hate and make possible the furtherance of love, here’s the mantram for Bagalamukhi and some images from her temple at Nilachal Hill in Assam where we visited on pilgrimage in early January 2017. Loosely translated, the mantram invokes Bagalamukhi, She Who Has the Power to Cease Mindless Prattling of the Tongue and Whose Visage Hypnotizes Enemies. It activates Her through us that we may confront deceit, end gossip, inspire confidence in our own ability to take ideas into action, and continue to transform our thoughts into right speech motivated by the wisdom of our heart.

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