Sadhana Challenge – Day 4

This morning I’d like to talk about compassion. Kali in the Sri Kali Sahasranama Stotram (The Song of the Thousand Names of the Blessed Kali) is known as Karuna, She Who is Compassionate. Cultivating compassion is as important a discipline as others – not only compassion for others, but also for yourself. Rather than getting…

Sadhana Challenge – Day 3

How are you doing with the Sadhana Challenge? What has your practice looked like? We all walk our path with the Divine in our own ways, and so our practices will surely be different. What matters is answering that yearning to connect more with the Divine, in whatever way we choose. Read more to hear…

Sadhana Challenge – Day 2

It’s day two of the Sadhana Challenge. If you’re doing the Challenge with us, how are you doing? If you’re just running across this and wondering what the Sadhana Challenge is, see our March 1 entry. In addition to some of our local community members (Bhagavati, Bhaktisukhini, Chandra, Kalabhairavi, Maya, Puspa, Raia, Ranapandita and myself,…

Sadhana Challenge – Day 1

It all started out with my feeling that I really wanted to get back to my daily vinyasa yoga and meditation practice, but being overwhelmed by it. I would set my intention to get up in the morning, but then failed every time. It’s a common dilemma, not something new to me, and certainly something…

The Mantra for the Sadhana Challenge

For a full description, visit our mantras page. Say this mantra to begin and end your sadhana (practice) each day of the Challenge. Jai Maa! * This entry has been edited and corrected.



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