Kali Maa A-Glow

Vows (Part III): Obedience – Perceiving Our Mahavratam

We conclude our discussion on the traditional monastic vows from a tantric perspective by exploring obedience. I’m going to hazard a guess and suggest that of the three vows, obedience is the hardest one around which to wrap our minds. Perhaps it is not a stretch to understand poverty as detachment or chastity as purity…

Vows (Part II): Chastity – A Pure Heart

Inspired by Joseph Dispenza’s reinterpretation of the Christian monastic vows, we continue our discussion by exploring chastity from a tantric perspective. Chastity. The very word conjures up images of Medieval metal pelvic belts and modern day purity rings. In a culture bombarded by sexual imagery and language, the notion seems rather quaint. And given the…

PantheaCon 2014 – Kali Puja

From the highest and most penetrating reverberations of the Divine undifferentiated, nameless and formless, we call to you Mother, to join us in our work to break free of the encumbrances we carry in this lifetime. Bereft of freedom in our hearts, we welcome you as Kali and implore you to break the chains of…

Puja Candles

Vows (Part I): Voluntary Poverty – A Perspective

Over the next three months, I would like to explore the three traditionally Christian monastic vows from a tantric perspective. Now, before you go running and screaming to the hills, be assured that I will not be asking anyone to take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The idea for this exploration was inspired…

Anga Puja

Kali Puja: The Body of the Divine Mother

Kali Puja in July at our temple is special because it precedes initiation for those who have journeyed with Daughters of Kali, our training circle, the past year and chosen to continue on the path. Today’s puja felt energized with the excitement of uncertainty as well as the blessings of Maa’s mysteries because of this….



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