Anga Puja

Kali Puja: The Body of the Divine Mother

Kali Puja in July at our temple is special because it precedes initiation for those who have journeyed with Daughters of Kali, our training circle, the past year and chosen to continue on the path. Today’s puja felt energized with the excitement of uncertainty as well as the blessings of Maa’s mysteries because of this….

Kali Yantra

Kali Yantra

For thousands of years, yantras have been used in the Tantric tradition as visual metaphors for the body of the divine. As expressions of devotion and contemplation, they are similar to Tibetan mandalas in that meditation upon them is tantamount to returning to the primordial fiat of one’s being. Because yantras are comprised of archetypal…

SHARANYA's Kali Puja - February 2012

Kali Puja: February Devotions

Before our temple doors open to the public each month, initiates who have committed to a year and a day of devotions and deeper study in Her name gather to circle and dive, like vultures, into the fires of self-transformation. February was no exception, and we found ourselves immersed in the embrace of one of our…

Dakshinkali Maa

Maa is calling me in this moment…

Women of Spirit and Faith asked for November: “What is the Divine Feminine calling you to do in this moment?” Shakti is calling me to rise up. She is calling me to risk. She is calling me to relate. She rests on a bed of will, knowledge and action, entwined with Shiva, the pure consciousness…

Sara-la-Kali: Saint Sara the Black

Festival of Sara-la-Kali

On Sunday, May 23, SHARANYA hosted our regular monthly public puja, except this month, we aligned our energies and intentions with the cross-roads of the dark goddess in Europe, a place where ancient traditions of the goddess came to shore and today, the Black Madonna stands as testimony to Her presence. For this worship, we…