Understanding the Hindu Goddess

Devī (Goddess) is hot. The Goddess is alive, part of a living tradition in India, and to many westerners without a recognized goddess, She is more than a passing curiosity???She is the lifeblood to a deeply personal and caring ethic for Self and the whole of Creation. For us at SHARANYA, this is certainly the…

Cultivating Sadhana

What is sadhana? Simply put, it means an intentional practice, but more deeply, it means spiritual discipline, or very simply, the Way. The word itself comes from the root “sadh,” which means “to go straight to the goal.” This is the same root from which we get “siddhi,” the great spiritual power obtained by performing…

Sadhana Challenge – Day 31

Namaste! Today is the last day of the Sadhana Challenge. Congratulations! If you haven’t done your practice for the day yet, consider stopping what you’re doing right now, and just do it. That’s really one of the biggest lessons I got from the month – no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you…

Sadhana Challenge – Day 23

What happens when your heart opens? What does it feel like? How do you hold onto that moment, and bring it into the next moment, and the next? These are among the questions that have arisen in my life during the last few weeks of the Sadhana Challenge. Spring Navaratri began on Monday, Maa Durga…

Sadhana Challenge – Day 18

The Sadhana Challenge is officially more than half over – how are you doing? What are you learning about yourself and your practice? Comment here and let us know!



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