Pilgrimage—a sacred journey—has the capacity, should we choose to engage it, to take us to the heart of our beingness. Pilgrimage offers those seeking Goddess in Her most powerful forms (for example, through Kali, any of the Mahavidyas, Matrikas, or Yoginis) an opportunity to discover Her mysteries more deeply and sweetly. Each voyage invites the devotee to delve deeper into her or his spiritual path, expand horizons, learn first-hand about living Goddess traditions and experience the history and culture of the birthplace of Tantra.

If you join us, you will access and visit temples and spiritual sites otherwise hard to reach, gaining entrance to a world often off-limits to foreign visitors. Come with us to meet Tantrics, adepts, and myriad spiritual seekers devoted to the Divine Mother.


SHARANYA hosted annual pilgrimages to India from 2000 through 2009. We plan to resume in 2016.


Blessings of the Divine Mother Kamakhya at her temple outside of Guwahti in Assam.