2009 Berkeley Pagan Pride Day

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2009 Berkeley Pagan Pride Day

This past Saturday, SHARANYA enjoyed a day at the park in Berkeley for Pagan Pride Day. This is the fourth time we’ve participated in the festival, and this year, the weather was absolutely beautiful, spirits delightful, and everyone in a good mood it seemed!

We offered friends new and old information about our Devi Mandir and Kali Pujas, told stories, connected across traditions, gave away “Jai Maa!” bracelets, and honored goddess through our interactions and the sharing of appreciation back and forth in Her name. So many traditions, costumes, invocations, languages, and expressions of devotion were present in that small public square. What a blessing that we could gather to celebrate, listen and learn together. What a blessing that we could share our love of Maa with so many!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day happen in person, in spirit, and in intention.

Jai Maa!

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