Abhicarika: Magickal Spells

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Tantra and the Craft are both filled with the workings of magic, with charms and spells, protections and talismans. Practitioners the world over do magic–the mindful altering of consciousness–in order to affect the seen and/or unseen worlds. Whether through meditation, focused concentration, or other means, the ancient practices of Tantra help us engage in the work of transforming consciousness at will. Here then is the beginning of a series on practical magickal spells and other conjurings that you can use to facilitate your work with and learnings about shakti (energy) and shiva (consciousness) in the Sha’can tradition.

NOTE: This is offered only as a guide and no results are guaranteed; as with all magickal work, be mindful of your ego, intentions, and ethics.

Divination to Tell if Someone is Trustworthy

Sometimes, it would be helpful to know if the truth is being told or if we can risk trusting someone. This spell is a guide to helping you make decisions and determine steps toward right relationship. (It is not intended to provide a ‘right’ answer; just a starting place for open, honest communication.)

Begin with some simple grounding and centering to attune yourself to the most helpful energies and guides for this work. Invite them in, those beneficent guides and spirits (known or unknown) who wish to be present. Open your heart as you breathe deeply into your body, drawing on the collected wisdom of those who have come to assist you as well as your own embodied connection to Truth.

Stand facing East and spread your arms, palms up to the sky. As you continue to breathe from your core, release attachment to outcomes and agendas, freeing yourself as much as possible from your own desires. The better you are able to do this, the more clear will be the results. Now, visualize in your mind’s eye the situation or person about whom you wish to know and connect as best as you can to that energy. Sensing into their eyes and/or establishing a felt presence (you may wish to visualize a field of silver light) can aid your connection. Breathe deeply into this connection, and again open your heart.

With this connection established and your guides and/or other helpful spirits activated and in attendance, ask a simple Yes/No question, such as, “Is (name of person) speaking the truth?” In response, your right hand will be weighted down if they are truthful, and your left hand will be weighted down if they are not. You may need to wait a moment before the answer arrives, and it may be that there is no clear direction offered. Should you have difficulty in interpreting the results, try again at another time; but do not repeat this spell to ‘double-check’ the answer you receive.

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