Amavasya (New Moon) Meditation Experience

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We gathered under the energies of the new moon on Tuesday to breathe. We gathered to connect to the energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. We gathered to find our inner teachers, the ones who know the direct path to our souls, to the unfolding awareness of the Divine embodied eternal.

New moons are interesting times, for they contain powerful energetic expressions of the path to silence. And so we sat, five of us in a circle in SHARANYA’s Sanctuary, connecting to one another and the larger community, to those who were also holding space in meditation with us from afar. Candles surrounding us, Maa before us, we began.

We had all come from another reality into this space, and so took a few moments to get comfortable, relax, and set our individual intentions. After some pranayama and guided visualization on our internal landscape, we moved to silence. Five of us breathing, some with sustained yogic breath, five of us releasing into the silence our thoughts and emotional attachments, we together smoothly entered the quiet space where all potentials reside and there is nothing to do but be. (Some of us had never met before, but the transition from outside to inside, from stranger to sister or brother seeker was swift. Such a gift!)

Thirty minutes in silence ended with the ringing of a singing bowl and the felt vibrations of sound in fingers, toes and the akashic spaces that respond to subtle stimulations. We allowed awareness of our heartbeats to return and then re-engaged our bodies on the floor. Chanting “AUM,” we came together again, having moved between worlds, now back and present it the room.

Meditation is a fine art, a dedicated practice; it is also a very accessible treasure, a commitment to oneself that is easily achieved because it can be undertaken almost anywhere. All that is needed is a bit of intention setting and inspiration. Meditation is at once easy and profound; you just sit…and you go places!

Although there are many complex descriptions of how to properly do meditation and myriad offerings of what techniques are required, the simple fact remains that dhyana (meaning contemplation or meditation), is possible for everyone to do and its benefits are both long-lasting and immediate. Certainly, over time as your practice becomes stronger, you will notice that the benefits increase. Yet, regardless of how long you have been doing meditation, your doing it makes a difference throughout all the worlds. To start, you just allow yourself to quiet inside and breathe.

How do you meditate? Let us know how you spent this past new moon, if you joined in with us or worked the energies another way. And whether or not you can join us in person, do join us for our next circle: Purnima (Full Moon) Meditation will be held on March 10th at 7pm (PST).

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