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Jai Maa!

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What a wonderful vehicle for the growth and celebration of Maa in community – welcome!

I look forward to our sharing and explorations here, as well as to gathering and answering questions about the Sha’can tradition in theory and practice. As our community grows and we listen to voices from around with world, it will be intriguing to hear how you honor Maa and in what forms you most often work with Her. It will be a beautiful acknowledgement of our individually unique yet interconnected paths to learn what puja is like in your community, home space or coven.

As things progress, themes posted here will reflect what we, at SHARANYA, believe regarding our Divine Mother as well as what we actually do when bringing our offerings and honorings to Her. Maa shows Her face in myriad ways, and how She manifests in our respective practices is naturally nuanced. By sharing our tradition and learnings with one another, and through seeking the same from those drawn to Her embrace, we hope to help foster a deeper sense of community and a greater ability for seekers on the path to feel comfortable and welcome working with Her.

So, as you find this space, please know you are invited to join us in the journey. Please email to have your questions brought to the dialogue.

Om shanti shanti shanti!

Sa’ham (She I Am)

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