Kali Puja: The Body of the Divine Mother

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Kali Puja Altar 072212Kali Puja in July at our temple is special because it precedes initiation for those who have journeyed with Daughters of Kali, our training circle, the past year and chosen to continue on the path. Today’s puja felt energized with the excitement of uncertainty as well as the blessings of Maa’s mysteries because of this. Adding to the deepened awareness of our footfalls on the spiritual path were the sounds of Anga Puja, worship of the Divine Mother’s body as our own.

Listen to Anga Puja.

An excellent resource for this worship is Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s Shiva Puja book, where you will find the whole of the Sanskrit, plus transliteration and translation. Simply, the puja offers worship to Maa’s body in their various parts, extolling Her virtues as the devotee does so.

After our individual sadhana and internal worship, we praised Maa in our sanctuary with aarati and personal devotions. The circle was opened with gratitudes and a final offering of thanks to all the spirits, guides, ancestors and deities who had joined in the rites.

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