Mantra as Part of Daily Practice

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Mantra (mantram in the singular) are an important part of spiritual practice in many religious traditions. At SHARANYA, we understand mantra to be a core component of individual and community work because of the multiple levels on which they can operate to effectuate positive transformation.

A mantram is a sound or series of sounds, often delivered in the Sanskrit language, designed with a particular intention, purpose and effect in mind. All mantra were originally perceived by sages and offered to spiritual seekers to help them reach enlightenment. While specific mantra can channel great power by virtue of resonance with cosmic energies (and can therefore sometimes be challenging to work with), most mantra are easy to use as part of a daily spiritual discipline.

Mantra japa is the practice of using a mala (rosary) or other means to count the number of repetitions of any mantra so that the energy of the sound vibration of the mantra increases and thus bestoes the practitioner with a wealth of vital energy with which the sound connects for spiritual growth, healing and facilitation of shifts of consciousness.

For example, one may chant Kali’s bija mantra, Her seed syllable, KRIM over and over (often, the number of repetitions recommended is 108, a number which aligns with the 27 astrological houses as divided into 4) to allow the vibrational energies of the Divine to assist in one’s practice and life. Again, in using such a mantra, it is important to understand and be willing to work deeply with the energy of Devi (Goddess) as Kali in all Her forms: from the personal goddess, to Her transcendent manifestations, to Her presence beyond form and name. This is because the mantra, being sound, vibrates in all these realms across time and space and draws on the power of each. It is for this reason that many on the spiritual path utilize certain mantra only after an intense period of study, self-reflection, and spiritual strengthening through sadhana (spiritual practice).

Should you wish to work with the many mantra provided on this site, use all your faculties and senses in determining what is right for your practice and path…and feel free to contact us if you have specific questions. We are happy to help guide you in the work.