Amavasya (New Moon) & Solar Eclipse Reflections

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Tuesday was both the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Personally, I really did not know what to expect. Often, the New Moon energy is not something with which I am comfortable; I always feel the dark, void, or emptiness…which is not within my comfort zone.

On Monday, I had started some hypnotherapy work with my therapist focused on significant relationships in my life and how they felt energetically, as well as how I could do some healing around making necessary changes. With this in mind, I really was looking forward to Tuesday’s ritual/meditation in the SHARANYA sanctuary as it was the New Moon and this would complement my work by bringing in love. Then, I find out that it is the Solar Eclipse at the same time! Again, I really didn’t know what to expect with these two energies happening simultaneously, but all I yearned for was being in community with others, those whom I truly love and feel safe with.

There was some talk prior to our meeting about doing some scrying, that ancient art of visioning past the seen realms with the help of a mirror, water, crystal ball or other object. I thought to myself, “Great, at least I can get some real answers.” So we meet. I can feel the love of Maa in the temple with us. We move into meditation and then to scrying. I attempt to work with various scrying tools, and I don’t ‘get’ any answers. I take a breath and am so drawn to a picture of Maa in the form of Tara on the altar that I just gaze and somewhat fall into her eyes. She then gives me the answer: “The answers have to come from inside of you, stop looking at the external. Go Inwards.”

With this I close my eyes and really focus on my breath. She continues to tell me: “I am always here for you and that from within is where the transformation has already begun. Continue to go inward, when in doubt or in fear, breathe.” I am now realize (not on just an intellectual level, but on an emotional, embodied level too) that all my life I have always been looking outside myself for answers, approval, acceptance, love, etc…and I now know why I have never really found it. It all starts from within. Jai Maa…Jai Tara!

– Offered by Doreen, a member of Daughters of Kali and the SHARANYA community

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