PantheaCon 2013 – Kali Puja

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Maa's Altar and Prasad for Devotees (2/16 @ 11pm)

Maa’s Altar and Prasad for Devotees

Kali Puja at PantheaCon is something of a tradition, and as we entered the room to set up for the ritual on Saturday night, a devotee (the first in line waiting for the doors to open) noted this was her fourth year coming to worship with us. She had nowhere to go in her hometown and looked forward to this celebration of the Divine Mother as Dark Goddess every year. Nothing could have set the stage better for our worship than the yearning heart of a lover of Maa.

Our puja was meditative and blissful, a call to listen deeply to our internal landscape for reverberations of soul. Devotees gathered in the space to the simple sounds of OM MAA, and we together came into her embrace gently and sweetly. Some of us called to her aloud, others only in our hearts. Our circling created a container for the evening’s work and then our breath to the beat of SA’HAM (She I Am) invited Goddess Kali to be present. If we have nothing else, we have our breath to guide and provide inspiration for worship.

This Kali Puja asked us to remember why we are here and it challenged us to own the truth of our incarnation. Wounded, knowing pain and suffering, we still chose life. With this, the puja asked us to be the fullest truth, to reflect our soul’s purpose, in order to give back to Maa the life she provided. Doing so, we will each find freedom and experience love.

From invocation to deep meditation, devotees worked the mantra OM KRIM KALYAI NAMAH from breath to bone. We allowed Maa to enter consciousness and then permeate our bodies as a liberator, a devourer of falsehood. We felt her passion alive within us as space was created for our emerging selves to be revealed.

This called for a celebration, and a chorus of JAI MAA! danced about the room, syllables lifted on voices filled with power and emotion. Her ability to see us, hold us, and allow us to be all of who we are and are becoming was palpable. The potency of Maa Kali shone in our eyes.

Gratitudes to all sisters and brothers present in the flesh and in spirit. We feel you still and with you kiss Maa’s lotus feet.



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