Sacred Activism Day

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In the spirit of engaged spirituality and celebration of Gandhi’s birthday, October 2nd is SHARANYA’s Sacred Activism Day…a time to consider how your simple and/or profound actions make a difference for the well being of yourself, your family and loved ones, your community, your planet and beyond. Not that you don’t do this already every day, but just a way, like ringing a bell or Tibetan bowl during meditation, to help you refocus your efforts and concentration.

There are many ways to engage, and even setting an intention to be with the spirit of the day through your practice or conversation is great! This year, I’ve signed up to increase my awareness of how my buying decisions can have a positive impact on socially responsible business through Carrotmob. From their website:

“Carrotmob is a method of activism that leverages consumer power to make the most socially-responsible business practices also the most profitable choices. Businesses compete with one another to see who can do the most good, and then a big mob of consumers buys products in order to reward whichever business made the strongest commitment to improve the world. It??????s the opposite of a boycott.”

Feel free to join me by signing up for notices in your area about upcoming actions, and give a thought to your engaged spirituality efforts. If you wish, share with us your ruminations and determinations here, as well as your next big carrotmob extravaganza!

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