Sadhana Challenge – Day 4

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This morning I’d like to talk about compassion. Kali in the Sri Kali Sahasranama Stotram (The Song of the Thousand Names of the Blessed Kali) is known as Karuna, She Who is Compassionate. Cultivating compassion is as important a discipline as others – not only compassion for others, but also for yourself.

Rather than getting up extra early this Sunday morning, I slept longer than usual, restoring vital energy. The sadhana still got done, and my day is still open ahead of me, but now I feel rested as well as revitalized.

The insight given to me, as well, was that one kind of opening facilitated by the Sadhana Challenge is a kind of personal spiritual compassion. Rather than beating myself up about not doing sadhana, or guilting myself into doing it, I am participating joyfully, supporting and being supported by others. Our sankalpa mantra is a powerful reminder to cultivate this compassion continuously, to use that as a foundation for interaction with others, especially when difficult things must be said or done.

My own journey with compassion has been difficult and necessary, but along the way it has given me such amazing gifts.

So, my question is this, both to myself and to those reading – how might you cultivate compassion for yourself and others? How can you hold integrity, personal authenticity and compassion together?

I wish you well with your sadhana, whatever it looks like! And remember to just do your best, and be gentle with yourself.

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