Sadhana Challenge – Day 6

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What have your difficult moments been with sadhana, and how have you overcome them? Let that inspire you – and if you feel moved to share in the comments, let that inspire others.

Read further to see more about my own process with this difficulty this morning, and how I’m learning to get through it…

This difficulty is someting I struggle with daily. This morning was again difficult to do sadhana, though not so much to wake up. My body woke before my alarm went off, but bed was cozy and warm. Such resistance! The good thing about the Challenge for me is that word, “challenge.” I am reminded daily that yes, it is challenging! And we do it anyway, for our own greater good.

I am also reminded that there are others getting up each morning, and that through our efforts, though we’re far apart, we support each other. So, the Challenge is made easier through that support, even though I’m doing it on my own, I’m not alone. I’m responsible for my own practice, but I have support in that – and you do, too!

One more thing – participating in this Challenge isn’t about what we should or shouldn’t do. It’s about that inner yearning – beyond all the protesting voices – that wants to go deeper with that connection to the Divine. My own difficulty with the practice sometimes comes in the form of a kind of teenage rebellion, not wanting to do chores, wanting to rebel against what I “should” be doing. Taking that out of the equation, and reminding myself that it is, every day, a choice I make to unify with my deepest heart wish – it’s liberating.

I wish you all the most wonderful things, as you strive to find that deeper connection – however that looks for you.


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