Sadhana Challenge Thoughts

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My sadhana has been liberating, although the form it takes, while shaped by common desire and recitation of the mantra we??re using, has varied. My goal is to better understand how I can live more directly connected to Maa in every moment. Right now, relationship has been an amazing container and testing ground for the enactment of my intention. As my practice has taken shape over these past few days, I??ve noticed a greater sense of calm in difficult moments and a wider window of opportunity from which to make choices. This is quite empowering; that is, knowing I have a choice in how I wish to act rather than letting my emotions take over and simply reacting to a situation. This is what I mean by liberating. The affirmation of my practice is coming in the love that??s able to flow more freely in my life and with my partner, even when the going gets tough.

Specifically, once I finish my pranayama, I recite the mantra a number of times, letting it fade back into my breath. From there, I visualize community, our strength and the bond we all have with one another. I take in that energy and open my heart, letting it flow back out into the cosmos. I imagine the gifting back to Maa and then let that experience settle back into my breath, now much richer. This is the ground from which I engage my recitations and inner work. Some of this emerges in the moment, some is birthed from current engagement with certain verses. In the end, I offer my gratitudes, go back to an inner focus, and then return to waking consciousness.

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