Igniting the Dark Goddess

  • 07:00 PM

New this cycle – SHARANYA offers an intensive immersion called “Igniting the Dark Goddess” to guide individuals to the process of personal transformation in ways informed deeply by social justice concerns, ancient wisdoms, and practices that foster open-hearted exploration into the soul.

With profound roots in antiquity, the symbols, icons, and manifestations of Dark Goddesses today provide inspiration and authority as challengers of the status quo. As Kali or as called from across continents and time–whether as Sekhmet, Asherah, Santa Muerte, Hecate, Isis, Lilith, Oya or known by other names–Dark Goddesses fortify our resistance as much as provoke our healing. They are our torch bearers and transformers, instigating transgression in service to truth and inspiring difficult conversations in service to deeper relationships. They solidify our faith and hope.

During this workshop, we will invite them into dialogue as guides and witnesses, teachers, and if we wish, Divine Ones to be honored, explored, and brought into our hearts anew. Seeking to know ourselves in a world filled with beauty as well as crisis, dark goddesses as literal or figurative representations of our human and divine natures offer a way to articulate and become our fullest selves. As guides on the psycho-spiritual journey, they are with us from experiences of joy and pain to moments of both discord and peace. In the end, they take us home.

One doesn’t need to be a practitioner of any religious or spiritual tradition to participate. This work is aligned with the larger issues of healing from personal woundings and trauma (social, cultural, religious) and with what it means to be activated in one’s embodied life journey toward wholeness. While this workshop is not intended to replace therapy, it can serve to support individual healing and personal transformation.

All workshops are Friday 7-9pm / Saturday 10-5pm / Sunday 10-4pm. Location to be announced in San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn more – updates soon – and RSVP: info@sharanya.org