Tara Puja Online

  • 1PM
There is no doubt that the past eleven-plus months have been difficult. Pandemic fatigue is a real phenomenon that manifests in each of us in myriad ways. However, for some of us there has been a silver lining: we have learned what is essential in our lives. Whether that has been baking, gardening, reading, or remembering to breathe, there has been a paring down for many of us.
Sharanya, as well, has refocused to a “back to basics” direction. In keeping with this, you are invited to a virtual Tara Puja on February 28 at 1:00 PST. This puja will take on a more foundational approach as we engage the elements to unlock the bhupuras (gates) of Tara Maa’s yantra. Once we have “entered” Her yantra, we will offer Her bija and mula mantra to guide us to the bindu (center) where, Maa willing, we can witness the flowering of Her yantra in us and all around us. The beautiful simplicity of this ritual will, by Her grace, open us up to Her presence. Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable before Tara Maa? Can you release the fear, exhaustion, and frustration of the past year and allow yourself to flourish as Her yantra blossoms?
Please RSVP by Tuesday, February 23 so that we may plan accordingly: info@sharanya.org