Steps Toward Justice

The world we humans have created is unfair, and yet we have also seeded within our societies the paraphernalia and parameters of justice. It would seem that we have attempted to move beyond nature and the natural world—a world in which fairness is not a relevant concept. No judge and no judgment, only predator and…

Bagalamukhi Mantram

Om hlreem bagalamukhi sarvadustanaam vacham mukham stambhaya jihvaam keelaya keelaya budheem vinashaya hlreem om swaha!   For those who wish to aid in their resistance to hate and make possible the furtherance of love, here’s the mantram for Bagalamukhi and some images from her temple at Nilachal Hill in Assam where we visited on pilgrimage…

Perceptions of Egoic Reality

Let’s talk about our egos. We can start by stating the obvious—our egos are now on high alert. But by holding the premise that a beautiful way in which the Divine is brought to awareness in this world is through a foundation of relationality, we’re going to start disrupting our usual response to ego engagement….

Kali Yantra

The Three-fold Nature of Tantra

Tantra, as is often said, is a difficult path. I liken it to being in the military, riding a frightening fun park ride, and hugging a eucalyptus-drunk koala bear all at the same time. Try as you might to practice under the auspices of Tantra and disentangle these elements, and you will fail. You will…

Honoring Ancestors

It’s interesting that in Hinduism we find steadfast traditions of ancestor reverence existing peacefully alongside a deeply embedded belief in reincarnation. To some, it may seem that these two ideas are irreconcilable. Yet, it is rather the case that they coexist within a framework of beliefs that include conceptions of time and space that are…