We invite you to explore these galleries for images and stories of our work and worship spanning the past fifteen years. Let this be a moment of meditation for you today and join us as we continue our devotions, events and celebrations in Her name. You can also visit our Festivals page to see more current event galleries. Jai Maa!


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6th Annual Kali Puja Festival


On the night of Saturday, October 17, 2009, we gathered together in community to honor Kali, Dark Goddess, Devourer of Time, She of No Beginning and No Ending, Mother of the Universe. The work of preparing for this annual celebration and festival was intense; and everyone in community worked overtime to make the space and our spirits ready to welcome Her in during this special Divali time, Festival of Lights, the Tantric New Year and opening to Kali’s deepest mysteries. Prior to opening the doors to let everyone in for worship, some of SHARANYA’s initiates and Daughters of Kali gathered to ground into the temple space and focus for the worship and work to be done.

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5th Annual Kali Puja Festival


The night of October 25th was our 5th Annual Kali Puja Festival, a celebration of the Divine Mother. Over 80 people attended from all paths and backgrounds, bringing their curiosity, open hearts, and love of the Divine our gathering. The evening was mild and warm, with a beautiful waning moon in the sky winding toward Divali. Incense, candles and beautiful, community-created altars to each of the cardinal directions blessed the space. Here is some of what we experienced together. Jai Maa!

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4th Annual Kali Puja Festival


The night of November 10, 2007 was our 4th Annual Kali Puja Festival, a celebration of the Divine Mother. Over 70 people attended from all paths and backgrounds, bringing their curiosity, open hearts, and love of the Divine to our gathering. The evening was stormy, adding a special coziness to the ritual. This night, community gathers to create the sacred container for our evening’s work. Much planning, thought and preparation goes into our Kali Puja!

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2nd Annual Kali Puja Festival


On the night of Saturday, November 5, 2005, SHARANYA community welcomed in the Divine Mother during our 2nd Annual Kali Puja Festival. Held at Fort Mason in San Francisco, just next to the life-giving ocean waters. About 50 devotees joined hands to cast our sacred circle for the night. Community built altars and decorated the space to create a magickal and memorable event. Each direction was consecrated. Here, we hailed the energies of the north.

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First Annual Kali Puja Festival (2004)


The air was cool when we arrived at Fort Mason to set up for this big adventure, our First Annual Kali Puja Festival. We had been worshiping together in our Sanctuary for a few years now and had already initiated our first Daughters of Kali. Our second chakra of seekers had formed, and we were growing a community! This puja, we felt, was a way to share our love of Maa with others.

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Yoni Puja (June 2009)


On Sunday, June 14, 2009, community gathered in a devotional and celebratory festival honoring Mahadevi, Great Goddess, and Her most powerful manifestations through the Ten Great Insights, the Most Transparent Revelations of Consciousness. We came together during the auspicious time of abundance known as Ambubachi Mela in the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This is the time when Devi, Goddess, bleeds.

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First Annual Yoni Puja (2006)


In February of 2006, SHARANYA offered our first Yoni Puja dedicated to the Divine Female, Divine Feminine, Gaia, Women, and our sacred bodies. Community members built a beautiful yoni gateway through which ritual participants passed, complete with a pink rose-filled clitoris-like topping. Everyone danced in honor of the Mystery, inclusive of the Sacred Male, and all received a special darshan.

Again in June of 2007, we joined in the festival of Devi to honor the Sacred Female through Yoni Puja, and we have continued the tradition every year since at the time of Solstice in correspondence with Ambubachi Mela in India.

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