Yoni Puja

Each year we gather to celebrate Ambubachi Mela and the power of Goddess through Earth, women, the Female, the Feminine, and all things of Nature. A special part of our ceremony is the anointing of the yoni with kumkum powder and the receiving of yoni tattva the essence of Devi. This video captures a moment of worship for two of our devotees and the sacred imbibing of the nectar of Maa.



Tantric Teachings

Each month we gather for teachings and discussion on the tantras, yoga sutras and mysticism. In prior years, we have invited all those seeking initiation to commit a year-and-a-day to Daughters of Kali. This video segment is from one of the DoK teaching circles.

Chandi Recitation

Join us for a beautiful recitation in Sanskrit of a portion of the Chanti Path, 700 sacred verses in honor and praise of Goddess, presented in front of Maa Batakali. The offering of these divine hymns is being made by Shyam Sundar Dash, pujari of our home temple, the Maa Batakali Cultural Mission temple in Puri (Orissa), India, at the intersection of Ganamal Sahi and Bali Sahi.


The Heart of Tantra

Watch some of the footage from a July 26, 2009 talk by Chandra Alexandre, “The Heart of Tantra: Theory & Practice on the Path of Spiritual Awakening,” at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco.

Removing Curses from Devi

At each puja, the Shappodhara Mantra is a key component of worship prior to our invocation of the Divine Mother. Join us as we chant and offer sandalwood incense to the fire. This video segment of Removing Curses from Goddess was taken at our 2010 Yoni Puja Festival. We gather to offer the Shapodhara Mantra from the Chandi for the removal of curses from Goddess, as well as from the Feminine and any internalized or external expressions of female subjugation.