Kali Vidya

Join us as we come together to explore Goddess through writings, poetry, reflection, discussion, meditation, devotion, spiritual technologies, sadhana (spiritual practice), and the creation of community through Shakta Tantra in the Sha’can tradition.

Our courses are designed to help all spiritual seekers contextualize the ancient and living goddess traditions within the socio-cultural and psycho-spiritual framework of today’s world, creating lived spaces for the Divine in all Her forms—including those of the Sacred Masculine—in personal practice and devotion.

After having taken 5 online classes in seminary, I was really impressed with Kali Vidya. I thought the structure, content, and feedback were all superb…Reconnecting me with my spiritual exercises and discovering some new ones were among the greatest treasures of the course. I love how the material balanced the intellectual and the embodied, the theory and practice.

- Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

If you seek community and want to learn more about SHARANYA’s spiritual path as an authentic, Tantric lineage tradition of goddess worship, then we welcome you to delve into Devoted to Devi: Embracing  Tradition – Walking the Path.  Join this introductory class in our open source, interactive online forum!

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SHA101: Devoted to Devi

Ongoing enrollment.

Classes run for sixteen weeks to allow an integration of the rich lessons with your ongoing practice and explorations in the Sha’can tradition. We begin this introductory course at SHARANYA’s Kali Vidya with creation of a Western framework that helps us build a respectful and appropriate bridge to the Eastern mysteries and understanding of Devi, Goddess, our Divine Mother, She Who Embraces All.

Given our roots in the earth-based spiritualities of East and West, we start with a very basic introduction to the Craft. Even if you are already familiar with this tradition, please consider yourself a beginner on our path as we create perspective for Western elements of devotion in Sha’can. The first section of our course will give you an important introduction to and perspective on how we practice. The exercises given are also important foundational keys for the rest of the spiritual homework provided. In addition to on-line sharing, this includes daily practice, readings, research, participation in development of an on-line glossary, and other requirements designed to facilitate your spiritual exploration and unfolding.

We then provide a brief background on what Tantra is (and what it is not) and how it fits within Sha’can. Next, we offer an introduction and overview of the Dark Goddess and why She is important, followed by a beginner’s look at Kali as the Great Mother and Four-Fold Feminine Force.

This course, when all of the components are put together, creates a ritual through which you may approach Kali Maa, our Divine Mother, and gain understanding that will complement your sincere devotion.

SHA201: Unveiling Goddess: Practices at the Heart of Tantra

This is an intermediate course for those who have completed SHA101. Join us for the next series of classes beginning in early 2018 (some space available for rolling admissions).

Once you have journeyed through our introductory course, having learned tools and absorbed the ethics and basics of the tradition, the next step in your studies lies here, in Unveiling Goddess. In this in-depth course, we will continue to explore the nuances of spiritual discipline and practice in the Sha’can tradition, learning additional methods of worship and delving more deeply into the Tantric frameworks of the Shakta lineage carried from India to new shores. Participants in this collaborative forum will share experiences and receive feedback each week as they develop the techniques during sadhana (spiritual practice) and utilize them within their own devotional work, inclusive of ritual, prayer, meditation, ecstatic dance and other forms of worship. Emphasis will be on establishment of an invigorated daily practice through the pathways of the Yoga Sutras.

To enroll, simply pay online. Once we have received your registration, we will email you with login information and additional course details. Questions? Email us at info@kalividya.org.

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