Featured Mantram: Honoring Ancestors


From the highest realm to the lowest, as far as the universe extends, let all divine sages and forebearers, all deceased ancestors, on both the father’s and mother’s side be worshiped. Let this humble offering of sesame and water benefit the whole world, from the heavens down to this earth; may it benefit the inhabitants of the seven continents belonging to unlimited families in the past.

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KRIM Bija Mantram

How Do You Pronounce That? A Look at Mantra

Mantra (mantram in the singular) are an important part of spiritual practice in many religious traditions. They are a core component of individual sadhana (discipline) and of the work done together in community, serving on multiple levels to effectuate transformation. Individuals, for example, may perform japa, the recitation of a particular mantram on a mala…