SHARANYA is a small and growing community-supported organization, run fully by devotee volunteers. All of our work in the world, from pujas and meditation circles, to project work in India, is carried out from a place of love and desire for engagement with Maa and Her creation through seva or spiritual service.

We welcome new community participation in all of our endeavors. As a spiritual seeker, you are invited to attend our public services and to learn about the Sha’can tradition by sitting in circle and volunteering. If you wish to participate but are located far from our home, we invite you to enroll in Kali Vidya, our online mystery school.

Help deepen and expand our offerings as well as your own personal commitment to the Divine and spiritual community as you feel called. There are always opportunities to join us, and we welcome your participation and inspiration!


SHARANYA Sanctuary Kali Maa

Choosing Our Path and Making a Difference

We at SHARANYA are planting seeds for conversations about all aspects of human engagement in and with life when visited through the lens of deep spirituality and our heart-felt love of Maa. Deep spirituality is a term we use in our tradition to highlight a recognition that inner and outer worlds inform and create reality;…


What we do

We function on multiple levels to serve the overall mission and vision of the organization by:

  • Offering worship services and helping to fulfill the spiritual needs of community
  • Co-creating the Sha’can tradition as a spiritual evolution of Eastern and Western thought, the(a)ology, lived experience, and devotion
  • Making the Divine Feminine/Divine Female in all Her guises, but particularly those of South Asian lineage honored by the Shakta Tantric path, accessible to Westerners
  • Educating about South Asian culture and religion
  • Offering rites of passage and life event ceremonies
  • Facilitating transformation for girls and women in order to promote self-esteem and empowerment
  • Providing spiritual pilgrimage opportunities
  • Engaging in interfaith dialogue and promoting cross-cultural awareness


Visit our VolunteerMatch page to learn about current volunteer needs in support of the organization.

[VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins.]

    { Weddings, Handfasting & Commitment Ceremonies
    { Renewal of Vows
    { Spiritual Guidance
    { Birth Rituals & Blessingways
    { Coming of Age, Puberty Rites & Menarche Rituals
    { Croning & Menopause Rituals
    { Crossing Over, Burial Rites & Funerals


SHARANYA is supported by a Council and Board made up of adepts, devotees and academics from the US and India. We are grateful for their partnership and support.

  • Rashbehari Das
  • Shyam Sundar Dash
  • Milan K. Dinda, Ph.D.
  • Ravi Jain, MPH
  • Elena Kelly
  • Jeffrey J. Kripal, Ph.D.
  • Murray Kucherawy
  • Nancy Leatzow
  • William Moulton
  • Chitrika Nyayaratna, M.A.
  • James Ryan, Ph.D.
  • Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D.

Initiates & Elders

Foundational to SHARANYA is our core of initiate practitioners who have committed to personal transformation and the work of engaged spiritual leadership. Through our ritual and teaching circles, these elders deepen the heart of Sha’can and our community’s evolution.

  • BalipriyaBalipriya Dahl

  • Shuddha-ButlerShuddha Butler
  • JayadaJayada Shannon

  • Purnamanaha QalandarPurnamanaha Qalandar

Review the rest of our website for information on our offerings and initiatives. Contact us if we may provide additional information about ways to participate in the SHARANYA community.

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