Featured Article: Why She & Why a Dark Goddess

Dark Goddess Parvati

Humanity is now experiencing a shift in evolutionary consciousness especially catalyzed and facilitated by the Divine Female. Goddess, as She is often called, can be represented through a variety of guises, forms, and names; but it is because we tend to think of God as strictly male and usually transcendent that we avoid this term when speaking about Her, although she is nonetheless that. In this brief introduction to the Dark Goddess, we seek to shatter limiting notions of the Great Mystery and welcome you to Her embrace.

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Integral Ecofeminism: An Introduction

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Living Altar to the Dark Goddess

How to Create a Living Altar to the Dark Goddess

By: Chandra Alexandre Many practitioners are afraid of dark goddess energies. Divinities such as Hecate, The Morrigan, Freya, Gran Brijit, Kali, Lilith, Oya and others prove frightening, leaving many…


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Dear Kaula, Community, and Friends of SHARANYA: I’m excited to report that, Crafting Puja for Maa: Understanding Ritual & the Devotional Experience in the Sha’can Tradition of Western Shakta Tantra, was…

Kali Maa

Ecofeminism and Tantra

By: Chandra Alexandre Ecofeminism understands our current planetary predicament to involve crises of the environment and spirit, crises that impact all of creation regardless of particularities; crises that will…


Why She & Why A Dark Goddess?

By: Chandra Alexandre Humanity is now experiencing a shift in evolutionary consciousness especially catalyzed and facilitated by the Divine Female. Goddess, as She is often called, can be represented…


Matrika Invocation

Brahmani, you of the Great Revelation, we bow to you. Dressed in yellow of the newest day, you who make your enemies inert with the blessed water from your…


Voices of the Goddess

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The Eight-Pointed Rosette Star of Inanna

Some Numerological Significances By: Chandra Alexandre The cuneiform tablets of Sumer display eight-pointed impressions made thousands of years ago by a stylus pushed into wet clay, and we know…

Kali Maa

Devi: Some Tales of the Great Goddess

By: Chandra Alexandre Goddess lore in India seems limited only by individual imagination. With every village comes another variation on basic themes, and every child growing up in India…


Vajrayogini (Vajratara): History & Worship

The worship of the Great Mother spans history and culture. My own personal spiritual journey has similarly run the gamut from exploring the great earth religions and fertility cults…



Eastern Teacher to The West by Chandra Alexandre This article tells the story of my own exploration into the mysteries of the Goddess as manifested within the Hindu pantheon…


Spirit and Social Justice

Creating and Sustaining Spaces for Marginalized Spiritualities& Social Transformation By: Chandra Alexandre Presented at the 5th Annual Conference on Current Pagan Studies, February 2009, Claremont University In early 2000 when…

Ugra Tara

Women’s Mysteries

By: Julie (Sanatani) McCord In many cultures special taboos appear around menstruation and childbirth. Because a woman’s cycle is often about the same length as the lunar cycle, special…


Looking Positively at Menstruation

Empowering Women and Girls First published in Women’s Sahayog (1999), Calcutta, India By: Chandra Alexandre Around the globe, girls often experience some form of initiation into adulthood at menarche…


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